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Visa Follows MasterCard, Bans Online Gambling Transactions

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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act may not go into effect until June, but already major credit card companies have stopped processing online gambling transactions. Visa, the biggest credit card supplier in the US, has become the latest company to block the transactions.

MasterCard was the first of the major credit card companies to block online gambling transactions, but that effect was not felt strongly with many people using Visa credit cards. Now, millions of players in the US will be affected by Visa’ decision to block their transactions.

Representative Barney Frank is leading a charge in Congress to have the UIGEA overturned. He has gained the support of many lawmakers, and successfully lobbied the Treasury Department in December to delay the publishing of the rules for the UIGEA until June.

With the focus of Frank’s Financial Committee being on the economy, the lawmaker from Massachusetts has been unable to find time to have a discussion on his proposed legislation. With June just a few months away, Frank must move quickly to have his Bill passed.

There is always the chance that Frank once again asks the Treasury Department for a delay. If granted, Frank would most likely have to the end of the year to pass his legislation.

The credit card companies, in the meantime, have made the decision to start abiding by the UIGEA already. MasterCard shocked many a few weeks ago with their decision, and now both MasterCard and Visa are taking big risks.

The online players will survive by finding another method to deposit money into their online casino accounts, E-wallets have become a popular deposit methods. The credit card companies, however, may lose millions of dollars after their recent decisions.

Online Gamblers

Verizon iPhone Will Bring Online Gamblers Closer To Their Action

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AT&T users have had the ability now for years to go to their favorite online gambling sites from their iPhone devices. Now, gamblers on the Verizon network will be allowed to do the same.

After months of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that the iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon. The news was met with cheers from Verizon customers, even though the phone will not have some of the capabilities that mobile users have come to expect.

“This is a great day for me,” said Mark Halifax. “For the past couple of months, I have been using my girlfriend’s iPhone to access my online poker sites. Now, I can get an iPhone for myself and not have to bother her. I can’t wait until the iPhone’s are released.”

Verizon will use the devices similar to how AT&T has used them, to get customer commitments. Any person buying the iPhone 4 from Verizon will have to commit to a two year service contract. That is the same term limit as the AT&T contract. The phone will officially be available on February 10th at Verizon retailers.

One problem that online gamblers may run into is the connectivity to the Internet. Every time a new call comes into the phone, the connection to the Internet will be lost. This will be dangerous for online poker players who may be locked into hands when their phone rings and disconnects from the poker site.

An advantage for customers of other networks is that their existing numbers will be able to be transferred to the new Verizon iPhone. The process of transferring the number may take up to four days.

Mobile gaming has become popular in recent years, with many sites developing apps specific for the iPhone and other mobile devices. In New Jersey, lawmakers yesterday passed legislation that will regulate online gambling, creating an even bigger market for mobile gaming.